A film about the
Amazing Stumptown
Spelling Bee 






Wordplay is a short film discussing words, language and the Amazing Stumptown Spelling Bee with Adam. R. Garcia. The film briefly explores Adam's professional career and how it overlaps with the inception of the spelling bee itself. The organization and execution of the spelling bee are also documented, giving a glimpse into a unique, fun, once-monthly game that's open to the public.

Adam is the creator of the A.S.S. Bee, with contributions from
Allyn K. Robinson and Anton Pearson.


"Can I do my intro over?"

Adam R. Garcia

Project Info


Film by: Ryan J. Bush
Created By: The Pressure
Music By: Driver and Ultra Combo, 
Courtesy of Open Mike Eagle

Aaron Hall
Dig-a-pony Staff

Adam R. Garcia
Anton Pearson
Allyn K. Robinson

Kalle Crafton
Cookies Hoffman
Karen Zack
Adrien Young
Brian Madden
Matthew Hayes
Robin Hilleary
Michael Gottlieb
Melanie Boyd


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