An Exploration in Craft

The process of making something as simple as a belt can remind us of the importance of craftsmanship and quality in the objects we surround ourselves with. This short documentary was part of my thesis at Portland State University, where my task was to "Interview a stranger".

After connecting with my former classmate Alex Toyoshima (an employee of Tanner Goods), we worked together to capture this special process at a time in Portland where craft and entrepreneurship were growing rapidly in the public eye. As a result, this piece was awarded the illustrious Vimeo Staff Pick. Additional help with audio and interview portion from Aaron Lovejoy and Alex R. Taylor

Credits :
Shot and Edited by: Ryan J. Bush
Music By: Brian Eno
Sound: Aaron Lovejoy, Alex R. Taylor

Original Post :
On Vimeo

Release Date:
April 19, 2012