A short film
about an art show




I was approached by my good friend Johnny Le to help shoot a video featuring Nathan VanHook, (Footwear Design Director for Nike) focused on his solo gallery show, "Stroking It". It was an amazing opportunity to get to see the process behind Nathan's work, and to see how he approaches making art, as well as how he presented the work in the gallery. The experience was truly unforgettable, and the resulting gallery opening was a complete success. 

             Photos courtesy of Aaron Lee

             Photos courtesy of Aaron Lee


"Art and design is 
everything in my life"

Nathan VanHook

Project Info


Director / Exec. Producer: Johnny Le
Director of Photography: Ryan J. Bush
Music By: Nomads
Still Camera: Aaron Lee
Sound Design: Matthew Tibbs
Colorist: Steven Rivera
Chief Content Officer: Noah Callahan-Bever
GM video and Complex TV: Nathan Brown
Director of Video Production: Justin Landstrom
VP of video development: Adam Soldinger

One Grand Gallery 
Nathan VanHook
Jordan Chan-Mendez
Chad Kersman
Rich Lim
Jaeki Cho
Donnie Kwak