Older Brother

From 2015 to 2018 I worked consistently with Bobby Bonaparte to concept and create various collections of animated gifs for Older Brother . Each shoot was used
to help promote new clothing collections,
manufacturing techniques, and highlight aspects of the brand and it’s mission.

During creative process for each project I worked closely with Bobby to find the best creative solution for the concept at hand. Each concept leading up to the shoot was usually a broader idea, which was honed down during the shoot itself. This approach to execution taught me to be nimble with creative problem solving on the fly, and has resulted in work that is playful, light-hearted, and a little magical.

These images were used on Instagram and the shop website.

Art Direction: Bobby Bonaparte
Photography / Edit: Ryan J. Bush
Models: Abigail VanSteenberghe,
 Elden Parker, Katie MarshRobbie Lyons

Release Date:
2015- 2018