A Two Track Music Video

Fresh Selects reached out to The Pressure to create a music video for the L.A. beat scene artist, Mndsgn. From conception to execution, The Pressure produced, shot and edited this video, in addition to designing a printed promo piece that plays a key role in the video in the form of projection animations. Despite a small crew, and a short deadline, the team was able to create this unique visual exploration of what it might look like to achieve transcendence through music. It was a damn good time.

Credits :
Commissioned by: Kenny Fresh
Directed by: Adam R. Garcia, Ryan J. Bush
Director of Photography: Ryan J. Bush
Camera Operator: Robert Woodward
Graphics by: Adam R Garcia, Anton Pearson
Production Design: The Pressure
Executive Producer: Adam R. Garcia
Editor: Ryan J. Bush
Written by: The Pressure
Producer, Casting: Kenny Fresh
Starring: Laura Song

Thanks :
Ben Willett
Allyn Robinson
Stephanie Wu
Aaron Lovejoy
Ryan Coulter
Amanda Shoebel
and Gary.

Release Date:
November 29, 2013