Hoxton Hotel: Best of Portland

The Hoxton Hotel reached out to me with the interest in creating a series of short videos around the makers and entrepreneurs they worked with for the opening of their newest hotel in the heart of Chinatown in downtown Portland.

Each maker was tasked with creating a bespoke product to promote the hotel's opening, with a wide range of different products. We were tasked with shooting 12 different subjects over two weeks, with narrow windows of time to interview and capture b-roll in each location. Spaces ranged from warehouses, workshops, basements, retail spaces, and residential homes, each with unique lighting and sound challenges. With a minimal creative brief, and a hotel team fully focused on opening the new branch, we managed to shoot and edit these assets in a timely manner, without sacrificing quality. Below are some of my personal favorites from the project.

Credits :
Client: Hoxton Hotel
Producer: Desiree Etzel
Shoot / Edit: Ryan J. Bush

Original Post :

Date Published:
February 8th, 2018