A short film
about Work, Happiness 
and Neon




Mike Heist has been working in the neon industry in Portland, Oregon for 30 years. He is a master in his craft, and is responsible for the bending of some of the city's most iconic signage. 10 SECONDS is a short film about work and happiness, and shares a bit of Mike's thoughts and insight into the amazing process of hand-made neon signage.

The Pressure designed the sign as a component of event branding for the AIGA Portland event "Design and Happiness," a lecture by Stefan Sagmeister during Design Week Portland. We thought that this video would add some depth to the concept, and we hope you enjoy it.



"I'm not an artist,
I'm an A-hole"

Mike Heist

Project Info


A Film By: Ryan J. Bush
Created By: The Pressure
Music By: This Will Destroy You, Boards of Canada, Music for Objects

Mike Heist 
Neon Distributors
AIGA Portland
Stefan Sagmeister

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